You find in this section the following objects and projects:

  Checkboxlist.GSM  DE

Checkbox list of items (graphical).

  FloorNames.GSM  EN

Text object for labeling stories in section/elevation window / Objekt zur Beschriftung von Geschossebenen in Schnitten und Ansichten.

  Höhenlinienschrift.GSM  DE

Object to generatelevel line.

  Hover Frame.GSM  DE

Object with shadow around to simulate hovered objects..


  Numbering.GSM  DE

Simple row of numbers.

  Shadowtext.GSM  EN

Text with adjustable shadows.


  Structural arrow.GSM  DE EN

Highly flexible arrow for professional graphics.

  Sonnensymbol.GSM  DE

Visualisation of the exposure to sunlight.

  Wohnflaeche_81_2.GSM  DE

Object for zone lists. / Listenobjekt für Wohnflächen.

  Winkelsymbol.GSM  DE

Object for labeling angles and inclinations. / Beschriftungsobjekt für Winkel und Neigungen.

More objects in other categories


  FacilityManagementTemplate.GSM  DE 

Template to create own, simple objects, which can be listed in interactive shedules.

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