Title / Titel

DE PrecisionTester.GSM


Informations / Informationen

Actual version / Aktuelle Version:

Version 1.1, 18.07.2018

Environment / Umgebung:

ArchiCAD 20+ Windows (development/test)

Author(s) / Autor(en):

Frank Beister

Documents / Dokumente

 TitleModified DateSizeDescription Clicks
Wandneigungsprüfer.GSM5/1/20151.80 KBObject to test wall inclination only.Download1933
PrecisionTester.GSM7/17/201819.29 KBVersion 1.1. Check angle and position.Download1878


Label your walls associative by this object. If the inclination of the wall differs from a rounded value a text or coloured dot will mark this.

News + History

update for view rotations - Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Added 3 diffrent ancor options to set the 0 angle of the system.

ancor dot - Friday, May 1, 2015
Added coloured dot at label ancor point. Added text alignment and hotspots.

Value precision added - Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Added customizing the precision of text output.


To do + wishlist


  • all done.

Wünsche / Wishes:

  • Check for end point, not length only.
  • Text output optional
  • UI

Known Bugs:

  • none left to fix.
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