EN Hyperbolischer Paraboloid.GSM


Informations / Informationen

Status of developing / Entwicklungsstatus:
Stabil, stable

Actual version / Aktuelle Version:

Language / Sprache:
Englisch, English

Licensing / Lizenzierung:
Komerziell, Commercial

Environment / Umgebung:
ArchiCAD 15+ Windows (development/test) (older versions on demand)

Target group / Zielgruppe:
GDL Entwickler, GDL developers

Author(s) / Autor(en):
Frank Beister

Documents / Dokumente

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The object spans a hyperbolic paraboloid with custom segmentation over 4 individual points inspace. Exact mapping by the TEVE command is supported.

Macro-object. Not placeable.

News + History

TEVE added - Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Added exakt mapping by TEVE.


To do + wishlist


  • all done.

Wünsche / Wishes:

  • all done.

Known Bugs:

  • none left to fix.
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