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Actual version:



ArchiCAD 15 / 16 (light) (development+test on windows) (older versions on demand)


Frank Beister

Documents / Dokumente

 TitleModified DateSizeDescription Clicks
Schattenschrift Light.GSM2/15/201357.88 KBShadow text light object. Allows up to 8 characters. ArchiCAD 16+Download2642


Simulation of shadow under text by multiple layers of same text and minimal offset. Light version limited on 8 characters.

News + History

version 1.01 - Friday, February 15, 2013
Minor bugfixing. Link to b-prisma added.

1st release - Thursday, February 14, 2013
Release of version 1.0.


To do + wishlist

ToDo / Wünsche / Wishes:

  • Ancor positions.
  • Maximum background size
  • Outlines by wireframe 3D projection.

Known Bugs:

  • none left to fix.
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