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Informations / Informations

Status of developing / Statut de développement:

Actual version / Version actuelle:

Language / Langage:

Licensing / Licence:
public domain

Environment / Environnement:
ArchiCAD 9.0

Target group / Groupe cible:
Architects, Engineers

Author / Auteur:
Olivier Dentan

Documents / Dokumente

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XY location.GSM08.06.200711,58 KBDownloadObject file, current version.3826

Description / Document

Label which shows its actual position to project zero. It works in any case, associative or not, even if you move the label.
Can be autoupdated or keep a certain value.

News + History / Nouveautés + Historique

Revisited - Freitag, 8. Juni 2007
Tiny modifications in case of overlapping Hotspots.


To do + wishlist / A faire + whishlist

All done.
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