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Informations / Informationen

Status of developing / Entwicklungsstatus:

Actual version / Aktuelle Version:

Language / Sprache:

Licensing / Lizenzierung:
public domain under GPL

Environment / Umgebung:
ArchiCAD 9.0, MacOS X (development/Entwicklung)
ArchiCAD 8.1+, MacOS X (test)

Target group / Zielgruppe:
Architects, Engineers

Author(s) / Autor(en):
Frank Beister

Description / Beschreibung

Plain 2D front view of a straight stair. The size of the object (A/B) describes width and height of the stairs. Number of steps, thickness of sides and step can be adjusted. Background fill possible.

For 2D views only. No 3D information

Documents / Dokumente

 Bezeichnunggeändert amGröße BeschreibungKlicks
Ansichtstreppe.zip22.02.20071,63 KBDownloadObject file.4006

News + History

Number of steps - Dienstag, 24. April 2007
Depending of last changed parameter calculation of steps by number or height.
Launch - Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2007
First publishing of Ansichtstreppe.GSM.

To do + wishlist

  • moveable hotspots for sz and wx
  • switch to reduce background fill from complete to steps and sides only
  • numberig of the steps
  • UI beside translation to English and to become a multilingual object.
  • define visible/covered region to make stair invisible/dashed behind covering constructions
  • if wx<0 sides invisible
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